Wallpaper in a Laundromat?

We have had more courage talking to customer after we locked up the bathroom. We started mentioning changes we will make and trying to get a read on what people like and don’t like this is a slipper slope with customers. You have to make sure you don’t promise too much but listen too.

The previous owner made the laundromat into a sea décor with water themed wall paper with fish decals, it is really a 10 year old child’s bedroom. I do have to say the counter tops that are also water themed are staying they are cool. It is Wilson Art Formica and it really is lovely. He also had a tv that played videos of fish, it seriously broke the day we bought the place but we did want it anyway. A few people thought the fish were weird.

So we asked customers what do you think about the décor we will be changing it, one person said “aw, I like the fish” she has nicely overlooked the staining and browning at the edges. Another said “any updates will be good I am not picky”, and another gal said “good! I hate them” this same gal said the TV just showing fish was stupid. Others have basically said updates will be good.

We have now removed the wall paper and painted the walls, installed all new lights and cleaned some stuff out, it is getting there…

We are learning about our customers and their preferences what is loud and clear is a clean, safe space to get laundry done without drama or hassle or being cheated from bad machines. This is our top priority. We also bought a vending machine… more fun next time!

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